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Q&A from our Staff

What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is an x-ray picture of the breast. Doctors use a mammogram to look for signs of breast cancer. -Dr. Carrie Horst

What happens if my mammogram is normal?

Continue to get regular mammograms. Mammograms work best when they can be compared with previous ones, so your doctor can look for changes in your breasts. -Dr. Lisa Esserman

When should I get a mammogram?

Women should have their first mammogram at age 40 and then have another mammogram every year. -Dr. Carrie Horst

What are signs and symptoms of breast cancer?

The most common symptom of breast cancer is a new lump or mass. A painless, hard mass that has irregular edges is more likely to be cancerous, but breast cancers can be tender, soft, or rounded. -Dr. Lisa Esserman

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